Reasons you should not buy twitter likes

News 07:09 September 2023:

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Famous people do it, politicians do it all the time and common people seems to have gone crazy about it, but  let me ask you, why is buying twitter likes so important to people? As a twitter user, what’s more important to you, 1000 fake likes on your tweet or 5o genuine likes from people you can easily engage with? Numbers have become so important in our lives such that the real meaning of success means very different. Success on twitter means attracting the highest number of likes and followers, just like in real life where acquiring more wealth has become more important than having integrity for instance.

But it would be a lie to say that numbers aren’t important. Having a huge following on social network can mean a lot to you as an individual, but not unless you acquire the likes genuinely. For business people or people trying to push a brand through, it is far more important to get interactive people who can drive your sales rather than just buy twitter likes which will forever remain as likes and not potential followers. Don’t you agree?