Reasons why People buy Soundcloud Plays

News 09:11 November 2023:

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Imagine how hard it takes to write a high quality song, record it and edit to make all the rhythms and sound tracks fit. Then imagine posting that track on your soundcloud account and no one gets to listen to it after three days. After three weeks you track have less than fifty plays. You start getting frustrated, but not until someone promises to sell 10000 soundcloud plays for $10. Would you reject that offer? Most people can’t, and in fact most new users do get tempted to buy soundcloud plays.

There are several advantages that come with purchasing a couple of a thousand fake plays. To start with, you get the exposure you had been yearning for. Your track starts getting some attention and slowly by slowly people start listening to it. This attraction and attention, sometimes even from the media is what most musicians are usually after the most. But albeit important, mere exposure with no quality and brand is not a great achievement for any musician. Quality comes from hard work and willingness to work with the best professionals to make your track great. Creating your brand comes from consistently producing quality music.