Pros and Cons of Story Views in Social Media

News 09:09 September 2023:

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Without question, Instagram and Snapchat bear notable similarities. What is more they are absolutely well-known among users of different age group and gender. They are great tool when it comes to photo and video sharing. At present, different brands may prefer to focus on only one given the resources and time is merely limited. Marketers can point out where to invest their resources through having deeper grasp of the distinctive features of these two social media apps.

Admit it or not, many of us are so fascinated by Snapchatstories views– these are considered the latest craze in town where everyone likes to share their stories through this wonderful approach. In truth, sharing posts and contents now is no longer boring and monotonous since there are a number of engrossing ways on how to communicate them with your followers even when they’re in other parts of the world.f2

The same goes with Instagram stories views, people love it when they see various photos and videos of celebrities and friends who share their stories and experienced through this very interesting manner. For a fact, by merely browsing at them, it gives the audience the feeling of actually experiencing the story first-hand. Assuredly, photo and video sharing allows the audience to see and enjoy the place, experience, food and story being featured – it’s like being where the photo or video takes place. It cannot be denied that this is a new strategy that can easily engage more and more users to interact with you and consider what you are trying to offer to them.

Uncovering the downside of story views in social media today

Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram can certainly offer users lots of perks provided that they are used for good intentions and purposes. However, the downside is that if you become too addicted to such apps, this could result to negative impacts in your personal, professional and social life. At times, it is not good to constantly view others for this would only result to feeling envious of what others have experienced and gives you a feeling that you’re the only one who is left behind.  Social media is regarded as a system that is also hinged on validation, success in followers, likes, views and social approval. And, when we were not able to obtain all of these, we can’t just simply imagine how this could affect our lives in a more negative way.f1

In terms of business, it is evident that we see lots of companies and brands exchanging harsh words to each other due to tight competition. Moreover, users also verbally fight to express their support of a certain celebrity, brand, product or service. While it is true that social media brings exciting and interesting engagement, they could also be a place where people can bash, contradict, make protest and attack anyone or any brand.

Over and above, there will always be pros and cons to everything. People are people and that can’t be changed. Whatever your purpose is in using social media, be sure that you are capable of being responsible to what you share and post.