Massage Chair For Your Medical Condition

News 07:09 September 2023:

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When people get sick, or when one starts to feel unwell, the initial “go to” plan is to see a doctor. Next is to take medicines. Some medical condition would even require follow up consultation with a specialist.

This is the acceptable conventional way of dealing with ailments. But what most people doesn’t know is that there is another “go to” that can help cure several different medical conditions – a massage chair.

Some people see massage chairs as a luxury. The truth is, massage chairs can help with prevention and cure of some medical conditions.

Massage therapy have been proven to be good for a person’s physical, emotional, and mental health. The expertise of massage therapists can never be discounted, but getting a massage chair would save you from the hassle of setting appointments, cancelling or adjusting your schedule to squeeze in your appointment with the massage therapist, travelling to the massage clinic, and having to take off your clothes in front of a stranger (massage therapist). The convenience of having a massage chair is definitely worth the price of it.

Generally, massage chairs can help you with relief from stress, helps you get a beautiful skin, helps you improve your mood, enhance blood circulation, improves posture, improves breathing, can help you become mentally alert, and it can even boost your immune system to help you fight diseases.

More than what were mentioned, here are some highlights of what a massage chair can do to help you with your medical condition:


Technically, doctors do not recommend massage therapy for patients with flu since the massage itself can increase the body temperature which is in fact the existing condition of flu patients.

Using a massage chair or basically getting a massage is recommended once the fever is gone for the purpose of speeding up the recovery of the patient. Head and back massage would help alleviate body pain and headache.


While almost “everything” stops when you are constipated, using a massage chair that could apply acupressure on the affected parts of your body would be of great help to ease the pain and gives relaxation.


The relaxation and the improved blood circulation massage chairs provide helps in lowering the blood pressure. Regular use of massage chair can greatly reduce the risk of hypertension.


Yes. Believe it or not, massage chairs can help you lose weight. First and foremost, the massage can help you control your appetite. Regular use of massage chairs will eliminate anxiety, or depression. Conditions that are associated with stress eating, eating large portions, and taking refuge from chocolates and sweets.

Massage chairs can also help you get a good sleep – which is one of the steps in weight loss programs.


Regular massage greatly boosts the immune system which is one main thing that is very weak with HIV / AIDS patients. Massage chairs can also apply pressure on areas of the body that is painful. Neuropathy effects can also be relieved.


Through regular massage, people with arthritis would benefit by being more flexible due to improved circulation of blood, muscle stiffness or pain will be alleviated, inflammation will be controlled if not eliminated, and an overall feeling of being relaxed.


Adding a fifteen minute massage chair therapy to the daily routines of ADHD patients will help them improve their condition because the calmness it provides would give them more aptness to focus. Since ADHD patients have a hard time to stay still for a long period, massage chair therapy relaxes their nerves and they are more able to stay still for longer times.


Massage chair therapy gives great help for diabetic patients. One is for managing stress. Since stress can elevate blood sugar, relaxation that massage chair provides will alleviate the possibility of the blood sugar shooting high.

Another one is for proper circulation of blood all over the body. Poor blood circulation tends to make wound healing faster and helps avoid infection where diabetic patients are prone to.

Neuropathy effects will also improve with regular gentle massage.


These are just some of the many benefits a massage chair therapy would do for certain medical conditions. Let’s keep in mind that when there is a present medical condition, there are also certain limitations of what you can do and cannot do.

Start conservatively with mild or gentle modes on massage chairs. As the medical condition improves, depending on your preference, you can always adjust the mode and intensity of the massage.